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PCB Inline Routers

In-Line PCB Production: Machinery designed for in-line PCB production and continuous operation. PCB thickness up to 8 mm with automatic offload to downstream conveyance systems.

Bottom Router - GBR

The Getech Bottom Router GBR is an In-Line depanelling machine that does NOT REQUIRE theaddition of PCBspecific fixtures systems. It's inherent flexibility makes it an ideal platform for OEMs and CEMs who have lower volume demands where changeovers and productvariety are significant. The GBR with integrated bar code reading can read the incoming PCB code...Learn More!

Getech Automatic Router Machine - GAR1200

GAR1200 is an inline router machine specially designed to route (de-panelize) printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) into individual assemblies. The GAR1200 has two worktable accommodating a maximum PCB size of 350mm x 310mm and with a dual PnP head for loading and unloading of PCB. A new Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Getech's "Move, Teach ...Learn More!

Inline Router with Board Handling Machine - RBM

The RBM is a twin station, versatile and sophisticated fully automated de-paneling system, with post route PCB handling. The RBM is fitted with auto tool change, auto conveyor width adjustment and an array of software tools to enhance the performance of routing. Download Brochure ...Learn More!

Inline Dicing Machine - IDM

The IDM is a single station sawing machine, designed to deliver unrivalled stress free performance in speed and accuracy. Precision is the key to the success of the IDM. A precision rotary table fitted with a precision gripper fixture, post route board handling and pre route auto conveyor width adjustment plus an array of software tools to enhance the...Learn More!