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PCB Marking Systems

Laser Marking System - GLMS

GLMS is an In-line Laser Marking machine specially designed to laser marked with accurate positional repeatability ultra thin and flexible printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA). Single sided or double sided markingin a single pass is possible with theintegrated "Flip Unit" internal to the machine. The systemcan markformat's ranging from1D bar codes, 2D...Learn More!

Stand Alone PCB Laser Marking System

The GLRH is a rotary table stand alone Laser Marking Cell. The unitcomes with a FiberLaser source to mark FR4, Plastics andMetals such as Aluminum Housings as seen in Automotive, Aerospace and Medical Applications. The system is network able to the factory MES for traceability purposes and inventory tracking. Simple to operate and safe guarded for both the...Learn More!

Marking System - GMS

Whether for traceability of components or for user identification, Getech Marking System can easily be included into the production line or specific marking island. Ink marking, instantly dry to the touch, and a permanent after the reflow oven, provides a high definition print, where laser marking or label placement are not an option. GMS is an inline...Learn More!

Auto Label Placer - ALPS

Getech Automatic Labeling Machine is a high speed inline label placer of pre printed label from an automatic label feeder to PCB. The ALPS utilizes X-Y linear axes for the movement of the end effector which houses the vacuum pick-up head. Pre-printed labels are directly fed by an automatic label feeder. PCB boards are received on a two-stage width...Learn More!

Finished Board Handler - FBH

The FBH is the ideal flexible solution for off loading PCB from a conveyor and places them into trays. Designed to accept a range of stackable specialized or standard trays, which are manually stacked up one side of machine and the stack of full trays are removed when full. Options include a flip station and reject station. When linked to the RBM /...Learn More!

Offline Marking System - OMS

The OMS is a SEMI automatic OFF-line marking system designed to handle PCB, LCD, Flex circuit or any other type of products on carriers. Prints ranging from 2D matrix, 1D bar codes and human readable character printing can be performed utilising high resolution ink-jet system where high quality printing can be achieved where space is a premium. Accurate...Learn More!