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Getech Service Center

All our agents are trained to perform routine service procedures on our complete range of machines.

Getech endeavors to complete all overhauls for major components on standard routing machines within a 48 hour period.

Training Course

To ensure maximum benefits from your Getech machine, whether it be a PCB router, an End of Line automated machine or a customized solution, proper training, both service and operation is essential.

Getech offers in-house or on-site training for all levels of user (Operator, Maintenance and Engineering levels).

For the PCB routers, we have a range of standard training programs based around the recommended levels of authority.

 1. Machine Safety and Operation

  • No password entry.
  • This course is aimed at the operator and covers all aspects of machine safety, basic machine maintenance and operation of machine.
  • Duration is approximately ½ day.

 2. Machine Programming and Setup (Basic)

  • Technician password entry.
  • This course is aimed at the technician responsible for fixturing design and set up, program writing and editing and allows access to adjust manipulator speeds.
  • Duration is approximately 1 day.

 3. Installation and Service (Advance)

  • Engineer password entry.
  • This course is aimed at the engineer, responsible for machine settings including camera and spindle offsets.
  • Duration is approximately ½ day.

 4. Installation and Service (Service)

  • Service password entry.
  • Full service access. Robot motion controls.
  • Duration approximately 3 days

Each of the courses are taught by qualified Getech engineers. Participants will be issued certificates at the end of the training.